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How to locate the three foot

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How to locate the three foot

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  Tripod role both for amateur users and professional users can not be ignored, his main role is stable camera, in order to achieve certain photographic effect. Therefore, the positioning of the tripod is very important. Some three foot positioning note:

1, using tripod lifting function before use out tripod expansion will rotate the joystick to working height, height is equal to 30 centimeters in height to lose) from platforms under fast loading version will soon be installed version of the.

2, screw lock in the bottom of the camera. Install the camera and fast assembly version installed on the platform, according to be photographed lens adjusting working height, then you can use the joystick to adjust the height.

3, in the expansion of each foot in the pipe must be sure to open each of the legs to the maximum limit, and all three legs. Because in the operation of the camera, if the foot pipe is not pulled to the end of the board.

4, buckle fixed, foot pipe joints will appear very easily loose, three leg tube must also extended to the maximum extent, fixed in the ground area have been large enough to, so a tripod is not easy to move.

5, just below the tripod which a foot transferred to the lens to shoot, when the direction of the other two feet tube for shooting such pictures to collision will not to tripod.

6, check the fixed base, see if the fixed seat is fixed, if not fixed, then must be fixed.

Find the horizontal line, and find the purpose of the horizontal line in the use of the tripod is convenient to check whether the smooth, to ensure the use of the effect. Three tripod manufacturers.

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